Những câu hỏi phỏng vấn tiếng anh thường gặp nhất

I know that I manage my time well because I’m never late to work and I never missed deadline.

1. Could you introduce a little about yourself? (Hãy giới thiệu ngắn gọn về bản thân bạn)

My name’s…. I attended at… University where I majored in… I started my career at… Company as a… I’ve been there for …month/year(s). I’m a hard worker and I like to take on a variety challenges. And outside of work, I like to engage in my personal activities such as….

2. What are your short-term goals? (Mục tiêu ngắn hạn của bạn là gì?)

My short term is… I want to find a good career where I can use my kowledge, experience and strengths. I want to partake in the growth and success of company I work for.

3. What are your long-term goals? (Mục tiêu dài hạn của bạn là gì?)

My long term goal is… This might be a little ambitiuos, but I think I’m going to work hard, learn everything I can and contributing to a company where I’ll become a valuable asset. I know that it’s not a easy jov but I think I can do by myself.

4. What are your strengths? (Điểm mạnh của bạn là gì?)

After having worked for…month/year(s), I realized my strength is working with a large amount of work within a short period of time. I get things done on time and my manager always appreciated it.

5. What are your weakness? (Điểm yếu của bạn là gì?)

This might be bad, but when I studied in universiy I found that I was not being detail oriented enough. I always want to accomplish as much as possible. But I realized this hurts the quality and I’m currently working on finding a balance between quantity and quanlity.

6. What do you think makes you a good fit forr this company? (Theo bạn thì điều gì làm bạn nghĩ mình thích hợp với công ty?)

I have experience about… and I’m a dynamic, creative and friendly person. Besides that, I’m a team player who has seen iterpersonal skills. So I think that I’m a good fit for this position.

7. Do you manage your time well? (Bạn có phải là người biết quản lý thời gian không?)

I know that I manage my time well because I’m never late to work and I never missed deadline. I always make a planning out what I have to do for the whole week.

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